The Uses of Broadband

2011/12 Note: 

When I wrote this, streaming was not the norm. Torrents are still popular but the savvy kids use digital lockers. Lossless music files are more common, about a tenfold size increase from the albums I was leeching five years ago. Websites feel slower even on fast connections. And yes, people like me are downloading double-digit gigabyte movie files. 

Speed isn’t the issue when these internet providers are enforcing data caps and artificial limits. Issues for the next five years: copyright violation consequences, data prioritization, censorship and restricted access.

Ever been on dial-up? My experience wasn’t horrible, as I didn’t download much. Mostly mp3s which were small files. Never could download 10MB or more, because some bastard always calls and screws it up.

With broadband, I think people primary use it for 2 reasons:

1) Pornography- Fast downloads. The old dial-up restricted people to pictures, even ASCII pr0n, but now, there’s videos and even HD porn isn’t too appealing though. (NOT from self-experience).

2) Bittorrent- New surge of technology. It’s what “piracy” is all about. Download movies before it hits theaters, full cds, and virtually anything that can be downloaded. How I love this technology. Haven’t rented a movie in months, since I can get it free. Honestly, I’d try Netflix, but for the rate I watch movies, I don’t like the prices. And I’m impateint, unless Netflix can deliver dvds in under 3 hours, I won’t subscribe.

I’m generalizing, but what else can broadband be used for? Myspace? Facebook? Email? No, those run fine on dial-up, unless you view the thousand video profile. Most websites I visit don’t load that much faster than dial-up. Only major difference: the blazing download rate. How sweet it is. In the next decade, we’ll complain how slow broadband was when we’re downloading full-length HD movies, which are around 19GB a movie.

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