2011/12 Note: No change in position. Would fix grammatical errors but too lazy to do so.

I oppose censorship in most ways, regardless of person, place, thing, etc. Censoring knowledge keeps us stupid, and being stupid makes the world small. And a small world is not as diverse as a big world.

There’s no need to censor anything. To protect people, some governments do this. It’s considered the “best interest for the people”, and sure, some people will go along. But I won’t comply. I wouldn’t want to miss some foreign news, just because the country is in troubles with them. Nor would I want to be restricted from searching specific keywords Google and fear being labeld a “potential terrorist”. Fear in people is taking away basic freedoms.

The American media censors a lot. All I see and hear is “China test missle: beware”, or “Iraq bombing” or anything involving dangerous things. I don’t even watch the news anymore. Pointless, less informative, and censored to an extent.

There’s pros and cons to everything, but censorship should be opposed. I would want the future generation to learn the other side of things, not the one-way method. It keeps an open mind, and in cases like Hitler/Saddam, they’ll get to decide for themselves whether they hate or like him. Hitler wasn’t born evil, he turned evil. And learning about his early life isn’t harmful. Same as Saddam. He’s not the crazy lunatic the news deplicts him as. Hate me on my opinion, but I tend to go against the general belief. And if anyone tries to censor me, I will raise my voice.


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