2011/12 Note: Passed this a long time ago. There’s another writing exam similar in nature for college students which is a waste of money, resources, and time. 

The CAHSEE, or California High School Exit Exam, is given to sophomores around February. I just took part one today.

A problem I see with the CAHSEE is the questions themselves. It’s quite obvious to guess the answers, and one only needs like 60% to pass. I don’t know if it was designed to make students feel better or smarter, but it really tests nothing on the curriculum. I’ve had middle school standardized testings harder than this. Questions are just “What is the story about?”, flip page, scan for words, and bubble in the letter. I didn’t even bother double-checking my answers. A huge waste of time for something so useless, but the worst part is sitting in the gym for 3 hours.

Hopefully, I bubbled all the right numbers and names, because one wrong number can make for a very bad day. Some people may think the exam is great, but that’s their ill-informed opinion. I personally would’ve just given an essay and some intermediate math problems if I could design the test. To show that students are learning, they have to challenge us in some way. Enough with the standardized testing. It accomplishes nothing except to provide subpar passing scores as a means to get state funding.


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