Global Warming?

2011/12 Note: I think this was when Gore’s movie came out and there was an irrational fear spreading. Fundamentally, I oppose the “green” movement and prefer efficiency and technological advancements. But now the focus seems to have shifted from climate change to sustainability and vegetarianism.

We all heard of global warming. It is the observed increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans in recent decades and its projected continuation. Translated, it increases the temperature on Earth, and eventually make matters worse for the Earth.

So there’s many propositions to stop global warming. Cut down on CO2, which is basically caused by pollution. And shouldn’t drive a car that’s not “eco-friendly”, which is virtually every car.

Will these actions really help? Cutting down pollution to a level that will still continue to maintain life and keep the atmosphere clean will be a challenge. We need these pollution-creating things, such as cars and power plants. There’s always alternatives, but by the time we adapt into that, whose to say we won’t experience global warming already? I don’t want to ride a bicycle because the eco-friendly cars aren’t readily available. It’s like going back into the damn Stone Age. All the modern ways we live by, reverted back to stupid, simple things.

I don’t hate the idea to stop global warming, but we can’t say the measures against it will work. It’s like to cost trillions of dollars just to do studies, then more to do something. Again, if it’s happening, is there a way to stop it? Maybe it is just inevitable, but lucky for us, it goes at a slow rate. What if something we do just increases the speed? These questions are what makes me oppose the idea.

Another reason is those global-warming nuts. Promoting it, yet causing the problem. Damn hypocrites. There is no one that can’t be blamed for global warming. Unless they live in the past.

Global warming, is it an issue the world should try to stop? Yes and no, in my opinion. Studies can predict anything, but it’s nature. Nature cannot be predicted, and anything can happen. It probably is inevitable, since we depend too much on things that produce pollution. Economically, the world may collapse. Millions of lay-offs, because factories close down. New style of life, because everything has to be “Eco-friendly”. Unless we change it as a whole, it won’t matter much. Plus, I hate eco-nuts. Need to do something to shut some of them up.

Relate to something in your life when you only wanted a portion of something to change. Does it work? There’s a chance it will and won’t. Same as this issue. I just don’t want to pay the price for failure.

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