Little Lies in a Bottle

2011/12 Note: I use the filters now. Cuts down on plastic bottles and uses tap water as the source. 

Bottled water is considered to be “pure, great tasting, and clean”. Those words are the general slogan for every bottling company. Is there really a difference between tap and bottled water? No. Tap water, in most cases, is the same or even better than bottled water. There are several reasons in favor of tap water:

1) Sanitation- Look at how tap water is cleaned. It is regulated by EPA, state and local laws. It’s tested over and over to make sure it’s safe to drink. Now, bottled water doesn’t have to follow anything. No laws to follow, except for the FDA. All they do is make sure water is in bottles, and can’t come out. That isn’t comforting, now that I think about it. Aquafina, Dasani, etc. all claim to be pure and clean. But in March of 2004, Coca-Cola was forced to recall nearly 500,000 bottles of Dasani water in the United Kingdom due to bromate contamination that exceeded the U.K. and U.S. limit of 10 parts per billion. In most cases, bottled water had higher levels of bacterial contamination. The country spends millions on tap water purification. I think that is money put to good use. You can’t taste any difference anyways, and onto #2

2) Taste- Some people swear by bottle water. I do, because at home, my faucets have this weird taste. Not as pleasant, but I would prefer it over stuff like Arrowhead. If I do a blind taste test, most people can’t distinguish tap water from bottled water. Most can’t even tell what is water (not literally, but some people can’t distinguish anything). I can tell water from water, but doing a blind test, I wouldn’t distinguish tap from bottled. This is good, because it proves that bottled water is a scam.

There’s a ton of promises in a little bottle. Fiji water, from the islands of Fiji, tastes like the faucet water at school. Even though it is the #2 premium water, behind Evian, and at $2.00 a bottle. Evian, for the price, is ok. More of a marketing technique and paying a premium, but it’s pretty decent. When I went to China, it was 15RMb per bottle, comparable to about $2USD. Only good thing I’ve drank is Kirkland brand, from Costco. Might be the minerals inside, but it tastes clean. Unlike Arrowhead, which has the taste of plastic, oddly enough.

I don’t think I’ll stop drinking bottle water though. It is that fear of getting a “disease from tap water”, which I’m sure most people have. And tap water faucets is not too clean, the actual faucet. I’m doing this for informative purposes. I don’t care who drinks tap or bottled, because I’m not here to change. I didn’t, so I don’t expect others to do so either. But bottled water isn’t always what it’s marketed to be. Let’s keep it at that.


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