2011/12 Note: I think they still do these free coffee days – I never go because I don’t view coffee as a stimulant. 

I have had this bad cough for the last week or so. Don’t feel sick, but my throat feels “tingly”. Right now, Ricola cough drops work well. But still, this cough is irritating. Too much Naked Juice: Berry Blast and orange juice. Sugar levels don’t mix well in the throat. I finished whatever liquid in the freezer that wasn’t water or milk. Now onto my topic.

Next week is the National Starbucks Coffee Day or something. Near the end of the week, you can get a free 12 oz or “tall” cup of Starbucks for free. From 10am-noonish, during lunch time. I don’t drink coffee, but free is free, though I have school and won’t ditch for a cup of coffee. Starbucks had an iced coffee offer in summer, but bailed out. Hope this works. Be weary of long lines. Some people live for this.

McDonalds has coffee comparable to Starbucks. 1/3 of the price, and free refills! Still, people still stand by brand loyalty. Starbucks is mainly branding, with an “experience”, as some people call it. Looking “cool” or “trendy” with that cup in one hand, phone in the other. Typical businessman image. Seriously, some people just carry an empty cup around all day. Why do we wear Starbucks out? It’s like free advertising, good for the company. But why the hell would I want to support a coffee giant that still charges 4 bucks for coffee? They import by the ton, and if McDonalds can make it for $1, why not drop the price? I don’t drink coffee, but do buy other beverages from Starbucks. Nothing is cheap. I always thought Starbucks had fine, top-notch coffee beans, but from the looks and aroma, The Coffee Bean is better. But still, the brand loyalty and global dominance of Starbucks is damn strong.

I prefer tea. Much cheaper, barely any caffeine, and flows out easy. Ever smell fine Chinese tea leaves? Great stuff, and tastes good also.


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