Haunted Doll: Annabelle

Edit (June 2010): Terribly sorry. I usually keep up with links before they die forever and it seems the Annabelle story and many others are not on the new Warrens site anymore. Alt link to Annabelle and I saved that entire story as a draft on here.

Annabelle The Doll

This is a terrifying case of a raggedy Ann doll named Annabelle. The case is from the 1970’s and is highlighted in the book The Demonologist. This is one of the Warrens most asked about cases. The referral came from an Episcopal priest. A somber toned clergyman told Ed Warren of two young nurses who had communicated with what they thought to be a human spirit. One of the girls’ friends had been attacked physically, and the activity was still in progress, so Ed accepted the case. With that the priest gave Ed the phone number of the girls. Ed immediately called the number and upon reaching one of the girls, Ed verified the existence of the problem and told the young women that he and Lorraine were on their way.

There’s a lot of  “possessed” dolls around nowadays. There’s an eBay market for these. People buy them looking for a cheap thrill and end up with something worse or nothing at all. The experiences vary and I think most people are disappointed with their purchase. But those that get a bargain often have no way to get rid of the item.

Another famous one is Robert the Doll. Several other dolls have made the news, such as this eBay Stitch doll that had a user video posted when the listing was active. It actually moved its arm in that video, although that movement can be debated. Many of these dolls aren’t malicious. I recently stumbled upon a website that collected benevolent dolls. Providing a good home for these dolls which I thought was a very nice gesture.

I edited this post to make my thoughts coherent. – 27/07/2009

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