Strep Throat

I have a throat infection or strep throat, which has been in me for around 2 weeks. I thought nothing of it this week, as I had a runny nose and headaches. The casual sick symptoms. Last night, I woke to terrible headaches and took some Advil. I think I woke again, sweaty and hot. Didn’t go to school, as you know, it’s hard as hell trying to focus into the lecture, sniffling, and trying to keep from sleeping. Either way, I needed rest and to see a doctor.

Woke up at 9am, expecting to see him in the afternoon though. A lot of old people in the office, and I thought I’d had to wait all morning. Apparently, only 2 more were in front of me so I got to see the doctor in around 30 minutes. The actual examination took 3 minutes, at most 5. He prescribed some medicine, and told me I had the same problem I had last year. It’s a throat infection.

To describe my symptoms, I have a hell of a time breathing and coughing, spitting up yellow mucous in solid form. A lot of mucous, in my nose and just flowing down my throat. Not wanting to post pictures of it, and I think we all can imagine it.

Here’s my medicine. Taken noce a day for 5 days, so it’s not a hassle that i’ll forget. And hopefully, this will be the last box I see in a while.

Tomorrow I get my re-admit to school and have to deal with the Beast at the Attendance office. So I might update on how that goes if it’s interesting enough, and explain why the person is a beast. But I think you can tell why. By the way. I’m at school 99% of the time. I don’t care if I’m sick, unless it’s a case like this when I can barely open my eyes without feeling faint. Tuesday was a bad day for me also, but I managed that day.


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