Beast of The Attendance Office

2011/12 Note: Old news but I had 20 or so unexcused absences the following semester. Nothing happened, not even a letter sent home. Fear over nothing.

So to go back to my strep throat, I’m sure someone in band got me sick. All these damn rehearsals and the coughing of sick people just got the worst of me. I thought I was over the sore throat last week, but man, this week was worse. So just be careful whenever you venture into a confined room with 50+ human bodies, 25% being sick.

Now, the re-admit at my school is fairly simple. Send a letter explaining why and have it signed by a parent/guardian. I typed mine, and this will be relevant to the story. So I went to school early, since the attendance office supposively opens around 6:45am. No one was there, so I walked around until 6:52am. Came back, and the lady was able to work now. First thing I get is “you can’t have it typed. It must be hand-written”. The reason being that since some parents sign the letters without looking at the actual words, they assume it can’t be legitimate. I have not been told of this “policy”, nor is it in the school attendance guidelines. I’m rarely sick out of school, so how do I find out anyways? Not like I go around asking people about this stuff. Anyways, she wanted to call my parents to verify the letter. I said sure, and on the letter was the phone number. Regardless of what thought she had, I eventually got my readmit.

Now it’s 6:52pm. I asked my parents if they have received a call or any missed calls. Nothing today. So either the attendance lady didn’t give a shit, or tried to intimidate me. I’m sure my mother would complain, and it’d be quite embarrassing to make a call of this sort.

For whatever reason the school has the “hand-written” policy, I don’t care. But don’t treat me as if I have committed a crime. If I was to really ditch school, I could care less about attendance. Would they think I’d be kind enough to tell them “Sorry, I wasn’t at school because I ditched”? Maybe when they start to truly care for students, I might consider giving a shit.

This is what I consider to be the attendance office lady. Size is relatively close, but that’s giving in to reality.


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