Screw the Title

First off, if you’ve ever read my blog, then you’ll see why I hate the education system. This is a post where I just vented out. So judge me by my opinion, not my anger.

“The core problem is that course titles don’t really signal what is taught in the course and grades don’t signal what a kid has learned,” said Kati Haycock, president of the Education Trust, a D.C.-based nonprofit group that supports No Child Left Behind. She added hyperbolically, “What we’re going to end up with is the high school valedictorian who can’t write three paragraphs.”

– 2/27/07, from

This might be exaggerated, but it can very well be the damn truth. High GPA, low test scores. We should rid of all this grading and standards and just see how students can perform realistically. Ranking people is stupid, since intelligence is not a number determined by some bubbles. Stack kids up to skills-related tasks, and see how they perform. That is what a damn education should be. Kids in the 1900s worked their ass everyday. Now, we just doze off in class. It’s a damn privilege to learn, and schools, please teach me some more useful skills, not words. I can read at home. I read tons of articles online, trust me. I can do the math; just don’t make me have to use a damn graphing calculator to figure out what a straight line is. I can do science, as fire + gas = jail.

I hate what schools really stand for now. I don’t believe schools should have the right to say a student can or can’t succeed, just because they have F grades. The students give up, but schools should do their damn best to persuade them to learn. And what the fuck do those test scores tell? Only words I hear are “pass or fail”. Wow, great motivation for the future generation to live by. “Pass or fail”. This is one mentality I hope to never teach to anyone else.

I don’t see why there is a need for grades. Most of the people who get A’s are either: 1) study really hard or 2) cheat to the top. This fucks up the people in the middle, because it’s rather hard to catch Mr. Bookworm or compete with Cheater.

Schools bring out the worst in me, especially with their “master plan”. Looks good on paper, I don’t dispute with that, but look around you. Are we really improving? Are we making a future of intellectual dolts? If so, we’ll get doctors like Dr. Nick and lawyers like Lionel Hutz. Sucks to be us then huh?


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