2011/12 Note: And we are still the butt end of jokes.

I always thought that if every parent disciplined their kids, there wouldn’t be as many stupid teenagers. I go to school with students that can care less if they fail. I’m not one to support education, but please just shut the fuck up and learn. Or leave. This should be enforced with “zero tolerance”. If students don’t want to learn, don’t nag them nor buy materials intended for their use. The world needs firemen, police officers, and construction workers. These aren’t low-paying jobs. They only need skills. Heck, I would be a fireman, but it’s not creative enough for me. See, there’s a world of opportunity without college. These students will do fine if they care to find a job.

There’ll always be time to drink, party, and enjoy life. That’s around age 20-30, when everyone is legal and working to support themselves. But high school is the place to be someone and do something. Actually, second opportunities are crap options, and repeating the 9th grade is just pathetic. I don’t see why parents don’t teach their kids to value education. Goddamn, there’s public schools in this country. Other countries, they either pay to get schooling or make Nike shoes. Even if Americans are poor, they’re provided education for free. What a damn country huh? Strange that we’re still the fat jokers of the world though.

Truly, we set a poor example for the future generations. Brace yourself for retards, dolts, and fatasses. Just like in the movie Idiocracy.


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