Pocky vs. Pepero: Battle of the Sticks

Edit: Get the strawberry Pocky over chocolate. No alternative for that, but there’s no need for one. If you can find it near you, those Yin-Yan dipping cups are also quite good. I double-dip to no end.

Most students and kids know what Pocky is. It’s little pretzel sticks dipped in fudge, or as I taste, chocolate. And the cost is about $2 for a normal-sized box. If you really wanted it, $2 is nothing to spare, but the thing is, Pocky tastes like plastic. Look at the picture and tell me it doesn’t seem fake. Reminds me of Lego blocks, which are made of shiny plastic.

Pocky is fairly popular, either through the name or the Japanese people. They sell it at my school for fund-raising, but it’s the crappy ones made in Thailand. Outsourcing is cheap and ring in big profits. I prefer the Japan-made ones, at least to say it stayed true to its origins. Maybe all of them are made in Thailand, or was it Malaysia? I’m not sure, but it’s one of those countries. I can usually get the small boxes at school for $1. Not for enjoyment, but so others won’t complain and whine how I don’t support fundraisers. This is how I discovered the fall of a product.

Pocky is probably just bought for the brand. Their little pretzel stick is dry, and I wondered what the hell I bit into. The “fudge” or chocolate coating is also weak. Not much flavor, and overall, they taste stale and bland. Maybe I’m just fat and American, but I want more sugar in that fudge. It might’ve been a bad batch, but I have yet to taste a good batch then. People should see that it’s just not worth $2, or the measly $1 I am literally forced to pay for. For $2, I can buy 20 bags of ramen, and enjoy myself in a noodle orgy. Then die. Or an assortment of fine American chocolate and develop diabetes. All the more satisfying.

Now, if you’ve been to Korean stores, they carry Pepero. It’s just a Korean version of Pocky. Their pretzel stick is more like a cracker, and the chocolate actually tastes like food. But they get stale sitting around my house or melts due to the heat. Sometimes, it gets lost around the couch or stolen by visitors. That’s always fun to discover. I buy these in packages of 6 or 7 for around $4. Considering that it is much better over Pocky, I’m in a win-win situation.

So, this comes down to self-preference. I just like the Pepero better, as it’s 1) cheaper and 2) feels like food. Pocky, I’ll give them the benefit of the Japanese pretzel engineering institute. Though if Pocky does include some kinky Japanese toys inside their boxes, I’m ready to switch over. They have my word. >: )

In another perspective, try to find which one makes you feel less guilt when digestion comes around. For the health-conscious, avoid these altogether. You’re not missing much. Chocolate on crackers? I think those were called poverty beaters years ago.



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7 responses to “Pocky vs. Pepero: Battle of the Sticks

  1. Clara

    I couldn’t agree more. Sadly, here where I live, pepero is more expensive than pocky. :(
    I love love love pepero! <3

  2. mrkyjktrrrrrrrrr

    well i like pepero but i lvoe pocky :DDD

  3. sojin

    I agree with everything. Pocky always seems to be stale and dry, whereas Pepero has never failed me. If you’re not allergic to nuts, look out for the green package of Pepero with nuts sprinkled onto the fudge. It’s delectable. A small package of Pepero is nice for a little snack maybe once every 2-3 weeks. :)

  4. Jaye

    I eat Pepero, (pocky’s too expensive >:() But..I’m Korean! >:D!
    Yeah, I agree with sojin, don’t get the green one! (It’s almond!)

  5. tanuki

    YAY!!! Happy Pocky/Pepero Day, yall! :D

  6. Bob

    Pepero has improved, while pocky didn’t.
    Pepero tasted like somone’s vimit when I first ate it 5 years ago, now it tastes as good as pocky does!

  7. badcastd

    Lately I’ve been devouring the multi-pack Pocky and depending on my luck, it can either be satisfying or dry and reminiscent of styrofoam. Sometimes the chocolate coating has flavor and oftentimes it tastes like semisweet, scented wax. I don’t buy it though so my complaints are less vocal.

    Another interesting product to compare would be Choco-Pie from Orion and Lotte. I hear Lotte is the sibling with the softer center but all the boxes I’ve bought have had this gummy middle to it, making it basically the same texture as Orion.

    I’m surprised how many views this post gets. Thanks for the comments.

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