Robert the Doll

This is perhaps the most recognizable haunted doll people know. If you are into the paranormal, Robert should be fairly common. I’ve heard of it several times, even on the Travel Channel’s “Haunted…” Don’t know why I never researched this story further. The following history should be fairly accurate. It’s just the same basic story, and if I’m wrong, I’m sorry.

Robert the doll is on exhibit in Key West, Florida. It belonged to a Robert Eugene Otto, or Gene. The doll was a gift from one of the displeased servants at the Otto residence. Story goes, that servant practiced voodoo so you know what is bound to happen. The doll was to be Gene’s companion “forever”.

Like all little kids, they have imaginary friends. Gene was heard talking to Robert, but it’s puzzling to hear two different tones of voice. Neighbors claim to see the doll moving around the house, window to window. Some hear giggles, and saw Robert running around. Gene had nightmares, and his parents would rush to his room, seeing Robert at the foot of the bed. To prevent any more havoc, Robert was put in the attic from now on.

All was forgotten until Gene’s parents died. Rummaging through the attic, he noticed Robert, with eyes that glared at him with such power. Gene had to take his friend home. His wife couldn’t stand the doll and its eyes. She claimed it changed expressions, which should be quite common to hear. Gene put Robert in a room by himself, next to the windows. Word of the doll spread, and neighbors claim they saw Robert looking at them. Gene could see Robert in his little rocking chair, questioning his own sanity. With no choice, he put Robert in the attic.

Guests no longer visited the Ottos, due to them hearing “something” walking back and forth in the attic and mysterious giggles. Gene put Robert in the attic, but he’ll always end up back in the room. Robert was known around town for his “evil” habits. Robert Eugene Otto died in 1972, which left the doll to find a new home.

Years later, a new family moved in, and their 10 year old daughter found Robert. This was supposedly a “living hell” for her, with accounts of the doll coming to life and just traumatizing. The doll now resides in a display cabinet in Key West.

Many visitors claim that Robert changed his expression to a menacing smirk. Some even hear giggles. Pranks are also placed by Robert. He moves around, with the evidence of fresh dust on his feet. One encounter involved a strange tapping on the display glass. Looking at the display, they saw Robert’s hand pressed against the glass.

Pictures tend to be pointless, as many seize to function properly. Photos never develop. Visitors and staff say they feel someone staring at them and moving around, but it’s probably Anne, another residential ghost I suppose. Visits are best during October, when the doll is most active.

I did a post on Annabelle a few weeks ago, and this tops it. Annabelle was not as creepy as Robert. Would you want to see little doll eyes glaring at you while walking down the street? It sends chills down my spine. It’s chilling to see pictures of this doll, to me. I’m not usually spooked by words, but pictures just destroy me. If you ever visit Florida, drop by to see Robert. I would like to see him, but not be one of the unfortunates to witness the “menacing smirk”, or the hand on the glass.


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