Other Haunted Dolls

I’m been researching a few of them, and they all seem very interesting, plus the fact that they scare the crap out of me. So, out of curiosity, I found a few more famous “haunted” dolls.

The Devil Baby Doll:

These dolls are hand-crafted family heirlooms, passed down from generation to generation. The Devil Baby dolls were often hung in the windows of old cottages to frighten off the real Devil Baby, who lurked in the darkness of this world. Other early carved Devil Baby dolls, complete with horns and a knotted jute tail, would sometimes appear on the stoops of unfortunate victims of local workers. With a background of black magic and voodoo, it’s not surprising that they’re haunted.

In New Orleans, local artist Ricardo Pustanio seized one of the last known Devil dolls. Using it as a template, he began recreating the dolls. These replicas seem to also be haunted, even as the intentions were not for magical uses. So Pustanio decided to split them up, to see if the “mysterious mutterings” and “following eyes” would disappear.

Giving them to friends, it wasn’t long before they started to complain about the devilish little dolls. One claimed that the doll moved around his house, with the doll stuck ajar a door that was locked. Another case was that the doll became “alive” at night, and trashed the house. These dolls are believed to have dark souls. The Baby Devil dolls are in demand, and can be bought on eBay with the warning “Buyers beware”.


Mandy is a doll that should be well over 90 years old. Donated to a museum, the experiences the owner had of hear “a baby crying” disappeared right then. Of course, now the burden is on the museum. Staff lunches would go missing, later found in drawers, footsteps when no one is around, and small items would be lost. Not having a permanent exhibit, the doll faced visitors with its old, raggedy clothing and a sinister smile.

Mandy was moved to another part of the museum where she was carefully placed alone in a display case because museum staff had been told that she should not be placed with other dolls because she would harm them. Now, visitors claim to see the doll’s eyes following them around or even blink.

So this is probably the last post about ghosts I’l do for a while. I’m starting to become traumatized, as these dolls are very creepy, especially with pictures. Hope you enjoy reading about “Haunted dolls”. Whether they’re true or not, just take in consideration that something else might lurk in the toy chest. And sorry for not posting any pictures, as my mind just can’t stand it anymore.


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