Truly Scary?

I’ve always wanted to visit some place that was really haunted. Over the past years, I’ve heard of the Whaley House several times. In fact, it’s government approved to be haunted. And what better time to visit it than during my trip to San Diego.

The Whaley House is located in Old Town San Diego. It has a hundred or so worth of history, from being one of the commercial first theaters in San Diego to suicides. There’s been numerous stories, suck as “Yankee Jim”, or James Santiago. This is the first documented ghost, as he was trialed for grand larceny and hanged in the land where the house stands. When the Whaleys bought the house, they heard heavy footsteps throughout the house, caused to the ghost.

Visitors claim to see Thomas Whaley, whose usually seen on the upper floor. Mrs. Whaley is also spotted in the gardens or downstairs, floating around. Several other ghosts linger around, even those of animals.

My visit here was pleasant. Although I went there looking for ghosts, I knew what to expect. Ghosts don’t pop up like in the movies. Can’t stay that for the people i went with, as they were either too skeptical or too paranoid. One claims to see something on his camera phone, but you know how camera phones are. Others were disappointed in not seeing anything, and regret paying the $6. For me, it’s just a museum. For 6 bucks, it’s worth the historical value and the ghost is an added bonus.

If you’re ever in San Diego, visit the Whaley House. Skeptic or not, go see living history. Although I expected the house to be bigger. Visitors go through like 5 rooms, and up the 100+ year old stairs. Our group said they heard something “rattling the knob” on one of the doors in the backyard. I heard something also, but no proof. Nice little flower garden in the garden and a gazebo.


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