Change for the better or worse?

2011/12 Note: Nihilists, narcissists, pessimists, sadists, and rapists. Take your pick and feel free to mix them up.

The world evolves fast, along with our issues. From global warming to women’s rights, it’s still relevant, no matter how advanced our civilization is.  So here are some things that I think are becoming worse as time moves forward.

Global warming– Of course, a big issue to environmental freaks. “The Earth will be gone man”. That may be true, but it’s not happening anytime soon. And in reality, who is buying those Prius hybrid cars? Living in California, I’ve only seen one hybrid recently. Where are the rest of them? I won’t save the planet unless everyone else gives a crap. Don’t support this plan to “save the Earth” for long. In the long run, it will be wasted effort and money. 

Recycling– I recycle. I even get money for my efforts. But it’s pretty inconvenient. Bring big bags of recyclable items to recycle center, which is always broken.  I do my part, so is anyone else doing it? Some people give the “I recycled this bottle I just drank”, but you know they can care less where their trash goes. And that starts a problem with littering. Those who litter are assholes. Occasionally, its fine, but doing it on purpose over and over is just messed up. Someone has to clean it up, and that’s either the birds or the hobo. So to make my point, recycle your items. And if someone litters, stick that bottle up their ass. 

RFID chips– Ah, the advances of science. Always done good right? The concept of RFID chips is great, and I support it, but I would not and do not want to be part of the system. These little chips transmit data, which can compromise my freedom. And if we include it on barcodes, it’ll be on everything pretty soon. So you have to wonder who’s keeping tabs on you. The government? Stalker? Google? I pursue technology, but not in a way that involves my body. 

Guns– Should we allow guns to be owned or banned? That’s a choice best made by no one. Guns kill people, and I don’t need politicians to tell me how much harm they do. But is banning guns a great effort? I imagined a community that all owned guns, there’d be no crime. Who wants to risk their life robbing someone with a shotgun beside their bed just for some forks and spoons? If this scenario is practical, then banning guns would do the opposite. No matter what we do to the common people, those who want guns will get guns. And when the thief comes in with a handgun, what do you have to protect yourself? Police won’t come soon enough, and that baseball bat is a superb gift.

School gangs– Why the hell are there gangs in high school? What do these people expect to accomplish? Back in the 1900s, gangsters were legitimate people. They at least wore a suit, which meant business. Nowadays, it’s all about the saggy pants, black outfits, and crotch grabbing. I hate to see people just grab their crotch. Weird reflex. So to see my future full of 13 year old thugs is not pleasant. 

High school clubs– its part of high school, since colleges and universities are very selective nowadays. Everyone joins everything they can apply or try out for. I don’t care for this process, but it degrades the overall productivity of a club. Those who don’t care won’t show up, and the leaders will have to waste time to find them. There’s always an excuse, and sadly, those in charge have to accept it. Joining 5 or 6 clubs won’t prove to colleges that you’re a “determined” person. Doing something will. I hate people who whore themselves out for social clubs, I feel pity for them. They sell out their self-pride for some stupid club, just to be popular or fit in. There might be logic behind this which I do not know. 

AP/Honors classes– Another part of high school. Everyone takes them, for the extra points and skipping college courses. But not everyone is suited to learn in these classes. For example, my history class is not very productive, since someone asks the teacher to repeat something every time a word is too hard. That’s very irritating to others, and especially the teacher. I take AP classes for that reason of “learn more, know more”. In regular classes, people don’t care, but APs is a different story. I have yet taken an AP class, but next year will be time. I wish people would do it for themselves, not for the credits or college brag sheets.

Numbers– I live in a world where test scores, GPAs, rankings, etc. come into play often. Students are based on numbers, not how they actually perform. There are teachers that know how well a student can do, despite the grade. Others go by the A or F. Sadly, schools value these numbers more than how students learn. Reform is needed, but that won’t happen. Due to the way colleges select students, the ranking way has to be put in place. I don’t tend to differentiate people by grades/numbers. I sort them by talking to them. 

This post was a stress-reliever. Some topics I didn’t feel like writing was the VT shootings and some other topic I forgot. The post may have no real goal, but should give an inside to how I think.

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