Blade Runner

2011/12 Note: Strangely, I would write this review in the exact same tone at age 20.

Blade Runner was a great movie that puzzled me. Not that the overall idea was hard to understand, but it’s a good movie to think over. Took me awhile to finally make a general idea though.

Basic plot is about replicants and hunting them down. Replicants are human-like cyborgs, and in the year 2019, they cannot be on Earth. Harrison Ford’s character Rick Deckard is a retired Blade Runner, called back to do one more assignment. Blade Runners destroy replicants, and the story goes from there. Sounds lame, but it’s not. For a film made in the 1980s, it depicts a damn good future society of Los Angeles in 2019.

This story poses one main idea in my mind: do robots feel emotions? Supposedly, Deckard is a replicant who thinks he’s a human. That I’m not sure, as I didn’t see the Director’s Cut. The way blade runners identify a replicant is by asking questions, which kinda makes you wonder what humans actually are. Some humans are better off robots, and in this movie, the robots showed some compassion and concern, unlike some human counterparts. So are robots less of a human than us? That’s the main question I get from this movie.

Blade Runner is probably difficult to understand for most people. I only saw it only one time entirely and just read online articles about the plot. This is a good movie to enjoy, but not too much action for some reason. I expected something to the likes of Predator or at keast half. I guess it’s more of a “watch and think” type of movie, where you discuss it online in forums and blog posts like this.

Watch it. It’s a classic science fiction film. Luckily, my chemistry teacher knows the movie and is showing it to our class soon. And I wish people would understand the plot and have a real discussion without adding stupid things.

BLADE RUNNER: one of my favorite movies now. Not for the action, but the thoughts it forces upon me.

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