Educating the Intelligent

2011/12 Note: I don’t know everything but my introspective nature feels as if I know more than people a decade older than me. I might lack the experience but they lack the knowledge that such an experience even exists. 

This is coming from two incidents I’ve had, with someone arguing that their “college/grad school education status makes them smarter than a high school student”. Just because I’m a teen, I supposedly haven’t experienced “life lessons”. This may be true to some extent, but I find it to be a load of bullshit. I hate people who think they’re smart, just because of their academics. Sure, that degree from ____ looks good, but doesn’t prove a thing. The great minds can make people change. These “scholars” cannot.

Take for example President Bush. He attained a MBA from Harvard, and look at how he functions today. Not that I really care for his actions, but some people pick on everything. The way he talks, dances, eats, and even sleeps. And how is it supposed to be funny? Rather sad that we pick so many of his faults. No president is perfect, and this one is far from it, but he’s human.

Back to the topic. Do I experience life lessons? Everyday, as long as I’m alive. Even in my limited 15.5 years of life, I know how the world basically functions. The internet keeps kids up to date. I’m not isolated from people either, and most of my opinions are formed from observations of others. I try to maintain no bias towards people, but rather judge by their actions and through mental notes. Is this not experiencing life? I’m forming ideas from actual people, not ideas found in a textbook.

Age doesn’t determine how my mind develops and learns. The two people that commented on my age and education level were no better than me, personal opinion. Big words and long paragraphs somehow persuade others to think “hey, he’s smart, he must be right”. One came out arrogantly and basically wrote “warning: do not mess with my intelligence”. I have been arrogant, but I only mock the assholes and annoying dicks.

Does education make us smarter? Yes and no. It makes us seem smart and know facts, lots of facts and logic. The logic-based mind can’t take those wacky ideas, just because it’s not “logical”. Great excuse. I enjoy the crazy ideas from people since too much logic kills brain cells. Comon, those weird ideas are great fun, and seem more successful than logic crap.

I’m heading for college in two years and hope I never become what I despise. My goal is to maintain equality, whether it’s through race, gender, or intelligence. We’re all smart; some just have different ways of thinking. Consider that. And thus, I am writing this topic.

A final thing I have to say is never let anyone limit your opinions. This country stands for that right, so don’t let it go to waste. Too many people these days go with the crowd, and have no say in anything. I don’t follow that, and I think people hate me for it. I’m the “blunt guy who pisses others off”. Great nickname… But still, express those self opinions.

I’m a little choppy in my support and organization of ideas. That’s a reason why I stink on legitimate essays for school.


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