Proper Words?

2011 reflection: “I raped this course” or “I was raped by this test” spreads on my Facebook – can’t tell how long it’s been there but I always see the same status updates come exam time. Another terrible example of a word tossed around loosely without decency.

Some people prefer to call others “bitches”, for whatever reason. Examples are “Get my soda, bitch” and “Vote for me bitches!”. It might be a way to look cool or tough, but honestly, it makes the person look like a dick. Use common sense, and think if the person who just called you a bitch deserves a drink or a position in a organization. Maybe it promotes that toughness, and people are just bitches who need to be told what to do. If so, that’s sad to know.

Another word usage is “pwned”. Gamers use it in their coveted “l33t” language. And it is ONLY suitable for online use. But recently, I’ve heard people say, “I pwned this test” or just randomly burst out “pwned”. Funny, but it gets annoying. There are people who use it repeatedly, for no damn reason. Another lack of common sense. Note that this is not “owned”, since the p adds leetness(is this a word?). Pwned is another one of those words that don’t belong in daily life. Better for the net.

All and all, I don’t mind what people say. But if they have some tact, they should watch what they call people. One conclusion I’ve made is that not many have common sense, in my generation. The other day, teachers in my school received a chocolate bar with the message:”THIS IS THE TRUE VALUE OF A TEACHER“. Being wise-asses, most would think “wow, the students care”. But in reality, it’s an insult. Comparing teachers to a candy bar? That’s one of the stupidest things I’ve heard. In this case, kids shouldn’t try to resolve things with these remarks. Probably sounds good on paper, but it is one of the worst possible things to say during this time when teachers are angry against the administration.

And if this wasn’t done by the student council, I will be extremely concerned for the adults.


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