Conquering the Himalayas

In recent news, China plans to build a 66-mile highway from Tibet to the base of Mount Everest. All of this is for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Aside from facts, I would hate to see a place like Mount Everest be overrun by tourists and pollution. The climbers who make it to the top of Everest accomplish something extraordinary. If tourism comes, it’d be really different. They’d probably install some sort of trans-system up to the top of Everest. Then the fattest of people can say they beat the Himalayas. Such an insult to the genuine mountaineers. Just a thought.

If the Olympic torch is going through the Himalayas, why don’t they just climb it? That’s the damn true spirit of the Olympics: trying to overcome impossible obstacles. This is really lame, since they’re just going to go through on a road. A man-made road.

I hope they stop this before construction. I want to visit Everest one day, and I’ll be damned If I ride a bus to base camp. Damn China.

What a sight. Now, imagine a highway through it.



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