Independent Thinking

2011/12 Note: Question, inquire, and extrapolate. 

I like independent thinkers, because those are the only people willing to do something different. They’re not influenced by a group of zombies, too afraid to say something other than the general tone. They’re not interested in the boring bullshit created by a bunch of people listening to their “leader”. Independent thinkers question the world and information given. That is good in such a way different perspectives are combined, and makes dependent thinkers user their brains. Sadly, independent thinkers are frowned upon. I’ve had that happen myself, because my ideas just doesn’t seem “possible or conventional’. That feeling of ridicule kills my thoughts and courage, and thus, the last outspoken thoughts to come out of the mouth. No one is willingly to contribute if people don’t listen to unconventional thoughts.

More people try to become independent, and I like that. But it’s not a 3-day process. If you ever watch the news on TV, there’s nothing but robberies, rape, murder, and food poisoning. It’s real comforting to see that, everyday, all week long, around the year. And personally, it’s the same thing with making fun of President Bush. Everyone does it, but most have no logical reason, or any reason at all. “He’s so stupid” Why? Everyone says it, so it must be true. People conform to feel a level of acceptance, even if it means ignorance. I don’t like Bush, but he’s not the complete dumbass most people think of him. To hear “Bush is stupid because he looks like a monkey” angers me.

Society is becoming/has become a herd of sheep, following the herder(s). Same thoughts, same lifestyles, same old habits. We’ll never progress at this rate, nor make the future any different. I think with today’s dependence on the Internet and TV, people have lost touch with themselves. So allow some time to discover or rediscover yourself. There’s always time to think and change.


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