Tap Water

2011/12 Note: Relish the thought of clean tap water. Some people open their pipes to see muddy, rusted liquid oozing out. 

I’m suspecting that in this age of bottled water, very few people have actually tasted “tap water” Bottled water is like an acquired taste, and you just have to stick to that taste. Tap water is just drastically different, and it takes effort to feel comfortable around the flavor.

I had an argument today about “Tap water is poisonous because it contains lead”. It was quite stupid, because the water itself does contains lead, but in amounts do much harm to people. Most of this “dangerous lead” is due to old pipes, runoff from paint, and whatever else might contain lead. But, many people I asked later would not drink tap water without filtration, or just refuse entirely.

I prefer bottled water, for convenience. Tap water is clean, but it has a weird chlorine flavor. But according to CommunityWaterCommunity, “If you object to the chlorine taste, just keep the bottle in the refrigerator for at least 8 hours. The chlorine taste will dissipate.” I might try that next time I linger for tap water over the bottles.

I’m not saying that it’s good to drink tap water, but be informed. Water is essentially water, depending on where you live. Tap water is under strict government control, and they don’t screw around with safety. Bottled water has no obligation to clean the water or even test for bacteria. Companies get their water from somewhere, which is usually the municipal pipes (tap water), but “filter” it more. Consumers pay for brand and ease. Those ads make me so thirsty for Arrowhead water. Oh, wait, the news says another outbreak in tap water, so it’s never safe to drink now.

100 years ago, we didn’t have bottled water. Everyone lived normally.


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