Ghost Story

I’m not the best person to tell a story, or even retell something. Horrible memory of mine. But I’ll try my best to not screw up this creepy story. Changed it a bit, and didn’t include an obvious ending. Hope you enjoy it, because when I read the original, it creeped me out.

There was a college student named John. He just graduated from school and was out on his own. With little money, he couldn’t afford the fancy apartments nor anywhere elegant. Almost all the apartments in town were occupied. John was anxious that he wouldn’t be able to find a place to live. One day, as he rode the bus past the rural areas of town, he noticed a “For Rent” sign. It was indeed an apartment available for rent. “Call 632-3222”. John rushed to the nearest payphone and called the number. Ring! Ring! Ring! No one picked up the phone. On the sixth ring, an old creaky voice answered the phone. The old lady didn’t ask for anything except for a name. She said that John could move in right away. That was a big relief.

He packed up his bags and rode the bus to the old apartment. It was at least 20 years old and unkempt, but for $250 a month, the offer was too good to pass. The old lady he talked to on the phone stood by the doorway, as if she was expecting John. The two walked up the old stairway, a rusty nail and loose floorboard every couple of steps. “What a dump”, John thought, but it’ll have to do. He settled into the one room apartment. It was small, dirty, and had no natural lighting anywhere. The lightbulbs were burned out, and the sinks were rusted.

John threw his belongings down onto the floor. Sound traveled through the halls, echoing through the empty corridors. There seemed to be only 2 or 3 others living in this apartment complex. One of them peered out from their door and waved at John. “At least it’s not abandoned” Several hours past, and it was getting late. He rolled onto the cheap mattress and tossed around. Total darkness in his room. Except for light through a little hole.

“What could that be?” John got up and sneaked across the room. There was a crevice in the wall through to the other room. He peered into the tiny hole. There was a girl dancing around with long hair. John couldn’t see her face, as her long, black hair always covered it. “I shouldn’t do this”, he said. But he couldn’t resist. He turned his head away, but quickly reverted his eyes to the hole. There was no one there, and suddenly, it was completely dark in the room. John was tired of staring into darkness and fell asleep.

The next morning, he went up to see who lived next door. Knock, knock! No answer. The door was loose, and he rattled it open. The room was empty. No trace of life was existent. “Strange”, he thought. Darting to find the old lady, he asked who lived next door. The old lady seemed puzzled. “Are you ok, sir?” “Yes, I’m perfectly fine, but I saw this girl in the room last night” The old lady was shocked. “What did she look like?” John vaguely described her to the best of his knowledge. “Oh my”, the old lady said. “My daughter died in that room several years ago. She committed suicide by pouring drain cleaner onto her face”.

John backed away from the old lady. What did he see last night?


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