Illegal Immigrants

I don’t see why people are against illegal immigrants coming to America. They are just people searching for opportunity, and America is the country that offers it. In the 1900s, many emigrated to America via Ellis Island to start a new life. I’m sure they were legal, but my point is that America is the epicenter of opportunity. Moving to the US would mean so much as living here would be better than Mexico or any other country. I’ve never met an illegal immigrant, nor do I think many people would admit it. But they’re people, just like the rest of us.

I don’t think illegal immigrants ask for much. A job to support their families and survive. Our taxes may pay for welfare, but that’s something a country like America should do. There’s those who cheat and abuse the system, but it benefits more than harms. Illegal immigrants work their backs off so we can enjoy the grapes or flush the toilet. These jobs are open for everyone, yet no one except immigrants apply. People are too fucking lazy to work, because if it’s hard, it’s not worth it. I respect immigrants for working and trying to make it through life.

I don’t think illegal immigrants are doing anything wrong. They seek chance and hope, or at least most of them do. The United States is the prime example of opportunity. I can come here, find a low pay work and endure labor but it’s still better than previous conditions. Heck, everyone in America is an immigrant, because as history tells, America is still that”land of opportunity” where millions flocked to.

Forget the news. Relate as to why immigrants would want to come here, even illegally and it should be very logical. It’s a chance for their children to succeed, a new life, and a new future. We shouldn’t strip that away. Don’t blame Bush, the economy, lost jobs, and whatever other lameass excuse there is. We should blame ourselves, for turning into a country dependent on others. If US citizens are too lazy to cut the grass, they shouldn’t complain about not finding a job. The chance is out there, yet it’s just unseized opportunity.

Building a fence keeping people out shows our own fears. Sure, let’s keep out immigrants form entering the country. Your neighbor is entering on your yard? Keep them out with a fence! I fear the people around me rather than immigrants. Shooting immigrants crossing the border? That’s very scary to hear. At least I know the immigrants will just keep to themselves and try their best.

I’m seeing things on an optimistic end. Illegal immigrants may or may not be what I described, but based on some primary sources from people, it fits in generally for all immigrants coming to America.


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