I think everyone can imagine a matador, waving that red piece of cloth in the arena. The angry bull, ready to attack the puny man. Or the hundreds of guys dressed in red scarves running away from the bulls through the streets. We’ve all come to think that bulls do hate the color red.

Bulls are colorblind. They see that red cloth as grey, and it just aggreviates them to see something move. A pissed off bull will like to seek revenge on any moving or stationary object, and in this case, it’s the matador. There’s nothing against the color red, just pure aggression. Think how you’d feel if someone abused you while locked up in a cage, and then let the doors open. I’d explode with anger, and the hell with colors. I’m colorblind anyways.

This is a myth commonly connected with the bull fighters. The “red cloth attracts the bull” myth is false. It’s probably for show, and the red in my mind gives off a vibrant color. Nonetheless, it’s still quite cruel to hurt the bull in the end. But if it’s tradition, let it be. Great art and culture, which I hope to one day see for myself.

This topic popped up in my mind in Spanish class. They were discussing the color red, which in Spain, does seem to involve several celebrations. The tomato funfest, the bull run, and the bullfighting. Class is getting interesting now. I’m actually learning about a different culture for once.


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