2011/12 Note: I still get this. Not sure if it’s my fault for believing in a childlike view of human nature or my lack of communication with stupid bastards. 

Ever have a conversation where the person you talk to just turns very violent all of a sudden? Then you unexpectedly hear some dreadful things. Here’s an example:

Person A: Hey, why were you late?

Person B: Some people were in front of me, cutting in line.

Person B: Those fucking ____(insert ethnicity/race). I hate them so much. Those…(add racial slurs)

Person A: Ok…Umm…

Yes, we all get those bad days where a group of people are seen as pure assholes. The blind rage of racial hate in each of us is apparent at that moment. And it’s perfectly normal to vent it out. Privately. I got a few of these awkward conversations the past two months. One minute everything is normal, and the next I head into a speeding truck. The awkward part is responding. I don’t truly dislike any particular race or person, so I can’t say “yeah, screw those __”. But, I don’t want to say “relax/chill down” since the person obviously experienced something that caused these emotions.

It’s always fun for me to venture into the dark side of people. I like to see how each person I meet react to their inner racist and how severe it is. But it sends shivers down my back. Listening to someone’s racial rant does kill my mood for the day. I don’t see how anyone can recover in a few minutes after that wreck.


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