Life without Scissors

2011/12 Note: Coherent thought.

How would life be without scissors?

Probably the same. There would be the knife, or a single blade to cut with. Life still goes on. Yes, ordinary life. We would still have cars and tvs and stuff.

I don’t know why some people say you can’t cut hair or make clothes without a scissor. The only reason one would say that is because scissors exist today, and they aren’t understanding the question correctly. Life without scissors, we wouldn’t know what the word means. You don’t think “oh, well, they couldn’t cut hair because we all know scissors cut hair nowadays” No. Remove the thought of a scissor completely. The scissor is nonexistent, and therefore irrelevant to any point being made. It’s like saying “what would we do without the car?” Bike, or walk like people did 50 years ago. No change to the present. Why? Because a car does not exist. The word wouldn’t even make any sense.

If you have trouble understanding my logic, here’s a classic Simpsons example to guide you along:

Homer tries to imagine a world without Krusty:
Homer walks into the TV room and asks, “What’s on TV?”
Bart replies, “Nutsy the clown.”
“Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!” Homer chants gleefully.

The scissor didn’t appear out of thin air. Jesus did not magically pull it out of his hands and proclaim “Scizzor! scizzor!” Hundreds of years ago, people still made clothes without the aid of scissors. The offspring of knives probably would be a form of razor or sharp, thin blade. And there, that loose thread will be split in no time.

Strange how some people think civilization couldn’t possibly have evolved without a pair of knives tied together in the middle. I’m not saying the scissor didn’t matter, but who knows. Unless someone can travel back in time and kill the inventor, I’ll just have to make wild assumptions. Actually, maybe without the invention of scissors, we might be using laser cutlery now.



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2 responses to “Life without Scissors

  1. Anonymous

    I think you’re wrong.

  2. badcastd

    What do you think life was like before the automobile? Did everyone complain about how life sucked because they couldn’t catch a bus or drive to the countryside in a car? The notion of a car or bus was not even in their minds to begin with – what we imagine how life would have been is influenced by our current knowledge of an automobile being something physical and tangible.

    Is that idea of a car in your head from the day you were born or implanted over time as the concept of an vehicle comes into view? If I locked you up in a room and never once mentioned anything about a car, would you know such a thing even exists?

    Keep thinking about this.

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