Moving Backwards

2011/12 Note: Partisanship is creating an ideological divide in a country that needs to be united. 

No matter how much civil rights we have, or how free we really are to speak, it doesn’t mean a thing. Sadly, in America, we’ll always be intolerant.

Iowa. People were upset and claimed “Iowans are idiots, hillbillies” and whatever else insult fitted the situation. Just because of how they polled. Is this really necessary? Can’t there be a criticism without resorting to names?

Presidential candidates have to be some type of religion. I don’t even know the criteria, but I do know that everyone is unfit for the job based on their religion. That meager fear of “church equals state” drives people insane. Would any president combine the two? Probably not. So it doesn’t matter if they don’t believe in evolution or hate the concept of a supreme being. According to evolution, I should have adapted to the hot summer days in California. Have I? No. I don’t have water humps or heat-resilient skin. I still burn up, heat up, but bless the invention of A/C. My offsprings won’t have any of these traits either. Evolution: -1

This is just one of those things. To move forward by voting for a black person or woman, but take it all away with the same things that America struggled to fix.


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