This revolves around clothes mainly, because these days, you are or want to be what you wear.

I usually keep my cynical thoughts about clothing labels to myself. I don’t go blabbing it to everyone, because I then, will become part of the anti-conformist group. Because, you know it makes me feel very independent, joining a group of people who hate people for what they wear. Great influences for a better tomorrow.

Trends in clothes happen. Especially in high school, where not everyone can buy great stylish things. For guys, the choices are very, very limited. I’ve seen only about a dozen stores carrying age-appropriate clothing at good prices. Keep in mind, no one is high school wears a suit and tie on a daily basis. As I said, twelve stores. How is it possible not to conform? There’s only that many stores, divided among the amount of teenage men. Everyone will have to conform sometime.

Girls have their own second planet of clothes. A lot of interesting stuff, but not a lot of people in my school dress up. I don’t want to point any fingers, because I’m lazy too. But still, it’d be more fun to see variety other than sweatpants or pajama pants. What I see is migration. One store to another, but it takes a very long period of time to move.

I wrote this post because I just read someone else’s blog. The girl was upset because people all wore the same brand of clothes, therefore conforming to the brand. So, what is the big deal? I don’t know. It’s not jealousy, as some idiots would say. It’s not anger, I’m pretty sure of that. It could just be a chick thing. Or an opinion from a very “independent” young lady.

There’s one thing to remember. We’re all conformists. If you are not one, you are a loner. Go ahead, be the loner rebel leading an army of the dead. Ooo, I’m so scared.

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