Global Warming Redux

2011/12 Note: I never cared to watch Gore’s documentary.

Does global warming exist? Yes, if it implies that there has been a slight temperature increase of about 1-2C over the last century or more. No, if it implies that we will die in 50 years because sea levels will rise and wipe mankind away. I do not negotiate with polar bears.

Let me state that I do believe in climate change, the “the variation in the Earth’s global climate or in regional climates over time.” Not global warming, because has anyone seen the side effects yet? We read articles about the ice caps melting and the possible sea levels rise over the next 50 years, How accurate are these articles? What I know about science is that one needs to observe. Good ol’ scientifc method. Global warming is still stuck on hypothesis, with many errors failed to be corrected. It’s obvious that the ozone is depleting, and has been for decades. That’s the facts I agree on. The rest is up in the air. Not literally.

I am a man of science and a user of the Google search engine, so I am capable of making up my own valid opinion on this topic.


  • Earth’s temperature did rise 1 degree F, 0.6C over decades.
  • Carbon dioxide levels in atmosphere did rise, and has the ability to warm the atmosphere

Problems against global warming:

  • Uncertain that there is a correlation between the casual increase of CO2 and climate changes.
  • 6C increases over 100 years is on the extreme end of the model range. I wouldn’t be shocked to see 1-2C increase at the rate the world moves today.
  • Two well-respected scientists agree that if nothing is done, we’ll see a increment of only 1-2C.
  • The sea levels are expected to rise no more than 1m by 2100. Historically, rises of 0.2m has not affected anything on Earth before. Currently, there’s no evidence of sea levels rising.
  • The current rate of sea level rising would take thousands of years to rise say 5cm.
  • Some people do believe Hurrican Katrina was caused partly by global warming. That is false.

I don’t believe in “global warming”, the idea that caused millions of people to suddenly be aware of something that has occured over 100 years. The whole concept is man-made, and has done nothing but form a big political dispute and enforced many useless restrictions on countries. The Kyoto Protocol doesn’t do much to lower greenhouse emissions from countries like India, China, and USA, which by now top the charts. So in theory, the protocol achieves nothing. In reality, it probably has done nothing for the countries that matter.

To make it clear:

Climate change: Yes. Logical reasoning and proof behind this. Earth is heating up? Sure, because ….(various reasons)

Global warming: No. The theory is all talk. Earth is going to be destroyed? Prove it with facts, not speculation. I want science, dammit, not gossip.

There’s a slight difference between climate change and global warming. Understand that, and you’ll see my point.


Other sites for more information (I can’t vouch for quality since I didn’t use these sites, but it’s good, random information to absorb in):…-3078062.shtml


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