Bill to cover climate change in California schools

This is already taught in school. Either the lawmaker has some dimwit kids who couldn’t grasp the concept of climate change and had to be force-fed by some politically correct movie, or has no kids and wants to pass stupid legislative bills that teach nothing. A lack of reality, or any perspective in the school system.

I learned about climate change in chemistry class last year. The release of CO2 and CFCs destroy the ozone. Yeah, my whole class learned that, and everyone else who did the same homework assignment. Heck, if students are passionate about the environment, my school offers Environmental Science AP. I’m sure a lot of schools offer this. Even in English and math, there was talk of climate change. It’s already general knowledge.

The problem is differentiating climate change from “global warming”. I believe the latter is bullshit used to promote “going green”. So should teachers be forced to preach bullshit? Schools shouldn’t teach half-truths. My current textbooks have enough of that for me to decipher, so there’s no need for more. I think it’s given that a student can search Wikipedia for the answer. And make up their own minds on things.

Some say the science on global warming isn’t clear, while others worry the bill would inject environmental propaganda into classrooms.” -someone in the article

See, it’s about global warming. Not how the Earth heats up and melted away the Ice Age, simulating civilization, but the fear of us all being swept away by future tides 100 or 1000 years from now. Go green, first grader. Thank Californians for ruining science class. Because they care so much.

A perspective from the readers. 90% of the replies are against this bill. Estimated, because the first 4 pages show extreme discontent. Unedited, so it’s not my grammatical errors.

“All these idiotic attorneys and lawmakers couldn’t pass a 1st year chemistry class, and now they’re telling us what should be considered real science. If they would stop spouting off their hot air, the climate would drop 5’F. Maybe that’s why this winter has been chillier … Al Gorenstein hasn’t been blowing as much hot air.”

“Maybe they’ll teach the children the planet has been warning since the ice age, and cooling and warming again. Maybe they’ll teach them that climate change is a natural event and rising waters a response to a cyclical change that is natural as well. Have you ever seen a map of what he bay looked like a thousand years ago? Yes that’s right, the water level was much higher half the valley was under water. Maybe they’ll teach our children the truth, but I doubt it. Another attempt to indoctrinate not educate.”

“is this the course where they children must chant: “Al Gore is a god” during the lesson plan?”

“I would hope that the system will include all sides of this arguement instead of Al Gores. Let us really address and not just enter the politically correct side. But considering this is Calif. that is highly unlikely”

“Climate Change is hogwash. I have to hear one person tell me how much money will fix the problem. Also, if you spend X amount of money you will solve X amount of the problem. The reason is nobody knows. It’s a political powerplay but a waste of money. Here in California our budget is suffering trash is all over the highways, graffiti is out of control and what are our politicians doing? Their looking up at the sky because of “global warming” and meanwhile we have so many problems right on our doorstep. I know the issue that should be before us–“Stop Global Earthquakes!” We would have as much success stopping earthquakes as we will controlling the temperature. In otherwords we’re not in control–God is.”


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