California Budget Crisis Solutions

I know I just wrote a post about the same thing, but this post is here to put down ideas. Not mine, other peoples’ ideas. The following ideas come from a Facebook group, written by teens. Actual suggestions.

Proposal: Prison system-violent offenders only

Not sure what the hell this would mean. So the less violent offenders won’t go to jail? That’s what I’m getting. That’s great. I’ll get shot before I graduate from school.

Proposal: Cutting salaries

Yeah, it’s a good idea, but not going to make up $4.8 billion dollars in debt.

Proposal: Cutting community college funding

Great idea, let’s not offer open education to everyone. I doubt I could enter a “prestigious” UC, so community colleges would be my backup. Cut the funding, and my future is even gloomier. Way to stick it to thousands who depend on community college system for their education. I oppose this strongly because it’s against my belief in education for all, regardless of money. I’d rather see schools suffer than reject those who want to pursue an education, but cannot afford tuition.

Proposal: Taxes, especially on the corporations and wealthy

Sure, but we all need to chip in. I don’t care if the poor will have to pay, or the middle class. WE ALL PAY TO FIX THE PROBLEM.

Proposal: Cut funding to illegal immigrants

Immigration isn’t a problem. They work for low pay, work services no one else wants to do. Taking our jobs? They are taking jobs NO ONE ELSE would do. No more welfare support? Then no more welfare for legal citizens either. No difference supporting a lazy illegal immigrant over a lazy citizen. Take away financial aid? Might as well do the same to citizens. i can’t see how anyone would deny a child an education, regardless of citizenship status. Illegal immigration is not really a problem because legal residents are in the same rut. We shouldn’t deny one and accept the other. It’s inhumane to treat people like this just because they’re illegals.

Proposal: shot in the head is quicker then lethal injections…

Well, the person who said this is Asian. Too much CS:S. Or studied too hard to lose touch with reality. Make damn sure you kill the right person. That’s all I have say.

This is “awareness“. Coming up with irrational solutions and “poking” others to join in the fun.

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