Ways to Ignore People

There is this female entity in my history class that always has something to say. The teacher mentions something, the girl has five more things to add. Interrupts, annoys, and in many cases, laughs out loud or talks to herself. It’s irritating to the rest of the class, who has to stand this throughout the years.

The worst part is that this female entity is oblivious to the fact that she irritates the class. I sit next to her and have to bear the most burden. Everyone else can look away or laugh but being in direct contact and the front row, I have to contain myself.

There are a few ways to deal with this. It works for other people in the class also. Don’t be the person who suggests talking it out. That’s no way to get anything done, not when confrontation is a tedious task.

1) Pretend you can’t hear– Sometimes, a person will ask you something that has no relevance to anything. And you may not want to listen. I usually just stare straight, putting my hand on my chin, and do that thinker’s pose. The person asking will either give up, or talk to themselves hoping to get your attention. I hope it’s the former. The pose alone means “leave me the hell alone”. I’ve seen the teacher do this tactic several times. Look busy, pretend nothing happened, do something else. Anything.

2) Do something else– Just by scribbling, the person trying to bug you should get the message. Do not disturb while I draw bears ripping kids to shreds. Of course, it should be common sense to not disturb a psycho drawing killer bears.

3) Laugh– This one works better when the obnoxious person speaks up and you don’t sit near. You CAN listen, but you can also converse quietly. Making fun of a common enemy brings people closer. And when people are closer, the world is just that much better. Just make sure the person speaking does not hear. They know you laugh, that’s a given, but don’t let them know who is the target.

4) Leave the room– It doesn’t work as well, but sometimes, you have the opportunity. The obnoxious girl I mentioned once repeatedly questioned details about the passing of a fellow student. It’s ok if she didn’t know the answer, but ask another time. This is one of the times I walked out of class briefly, because enough is enough. Teacher didn’t mind, and I think she understood why a few others went out also.

5) Avoid– If you can avoid the entity labeled as the “most irritating animal to walk the planet”, do so. Sadly, two of my classes will have this girl again, and well, I will try to sit in the back next year.

6) Don’t recognize the person– Not really a good way, but it’s just like countries not recognizing each other. If one doesn’t technically exist, one doesn’t have to be answered. It works better when the person tries to question you. “Who is that in the corner? Is that a person or a wolf?”

7) Amnesia– Huh, who are you? Short term memory loss might work, or it might turn into a longer rephrase of the question/answer.

8) Tune out – I usually like to ponder about something else on a spiritual level and recede far into the depths of my mind. Or fantasize abstract ideas with maximum mental  concentration.

9) Zen – If you’re able to obtain a state of peace or tranquility, do so. Everything is an obstruction from the natural world designed to impede your solace – disregard all that is unneeded.


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