Working Poor

I could be doing some studying, but I figured words from Shakespeare isn’t going to inform me about the problems in society. I like practical knowledge, or at least knowledge that’ll change how I live. So I decided to watch some television shows online. One particularly good show is 30 Days. The very first episode is about how Spurlock and his fiancee live for 30 days on minimum wage.

It’s a very well-made glimpse into what struggles the working poor go through everyday. I’ve never experienced financial troubles, nor has my family. The only glimpse I have is through these pseudo-documentaries.

As Spurlock said in the end, we’re all aware of these problems, but sometimes we just turn the other cheek. It’s not always a personal choice to be poor. One can be educated, white, and even skilled yet still have this happen to them. I think more people should stop giving the “it’s their fault” attitude and open their damn eyes. No one would like to live like this, but some have to. This ignorant attitude will never change anything. I wish the government would focus more on poverty than banning gay marriage or border control. Take care of our own peoples’ welfare first.

I could never understand why an employer would pay some people such low wages. I know there’s expenses to pay and profit to be made, which makes this a tough matter to resolve. My personal philosophy would be to pay everyone fairly, and not see anyone have to work double-shifts just to get by. To see a parent work 18 hour days and not see their children grow up kills me. I won’t allow this to happen if I ever decide to open a business. That’s a tough promise though.

We’ve moved a far way from the idealism of America. Maybe if we all took our head out of our own asses, there will be some improvements.


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