Another person I would punch in the face without hesitation

Anyone that claims the working poor are “stupid and lazy” should be knocked out cold.

Clearly, they have never gone through the hardships of working hard to barely pay the house rent. I haven’t experienced this, and I hope I never have to. But I gotta respect the working poor. There’s some things in a person’s life where others cannot understand or relate to. Psychology is bullshit when it comes to how a person really thinks. If there was a pill to not be poor or stupid or lazy, it’d be too damn expensive. But you’d bet the gullible rich idiots would eat this up.

The absolute minimum wage is one of those things I have to experience to truly understand. Everyone can trash-talk about being so poor when they are paying off a house mortgage, car, plasma TV, and credit card. These things are all luxuries that can make a $4000 income look like $1000. Don’t need a fucking BMW, don’t need a Plasma TV to survive, and certainly don’t need a house to live. Apartments are just fine by themselves.

The working poor only get like $800 per month, with some more government aid. I wish they’d get at least $1000 flat by employers. Problem I see is that some are illegal immigrants and employers could care less, or they’re unable to change due to certain limitations. That’s a lot of shit, because some of these people could work in bureaucratic jobs. They’re probably no dumber than the secretary who fucks the Senator. Politicians earn too much. Limit it to $50,000. Suck it up, because there’s people living on less than that. Why should they get paid by tax dollars to sit around and pass bills that screw us over more and more? And raising their income levels as a reward. If they get incentives, $0.

I despise the person that thinks the working poor are stupid and lazy. As I said, sometimes we as outsiders can’t understand how or why a person ends up as they are. They’re much harder workers than I’ll ever be. They deserve a job that is on par with the amount of work done and a fair minimum monthly wage. I believe in second chances and lending a hand. I know there will be those who abuse a system like this, but there will be those who’ll benefit greatly. The pros outweigh the cons. If I worked, I wouldn’t mind $100 monthly going to families that need a little bit more cash. It’s not a big deal. Hell, that $100 would probably be spent on useless crap by me anyways.

I stand by my statements. Punch’em hard. But not kill them. A warning to those who take things too far.


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