I hate Facebook Groups

I won’t go searching through millions of groups to prove my point. It’s there, and all the proof I would need is the title.

Funny what people would join on Facebook. Friends unite, nerds unite, lesbians unite, Nazis unite (pretty sure it’s kept private, invite only). There’s only one I joined, and I’m too lazy to get out of it. Heck, I even ditched my graduating class group, because it sucked.

I am for good causes. I am for helping the world. I am not for scams, or obvious bullshit groups that promote good through the “invite everyone” method.

Here’s my example:

“My name is Jeff Epp. For every friend that you can get to join this group, I will donate $1 to the American Red Cross! I am not only doing this for the millions of lives who desperately need our assistance, but I’m doing this for my brother Mark who bravely sacrificed his life in Iraq. He always put love before money and now I would like to do the same. I have $2 million in real estate and I am willing to sacrifice most of it. Just show me that someone cares as much as I do and invite your friends to this group! I want this to be a lesson that we have to work together if we are going to make something happen.”

Why doesn’t he just donate anonymously, out of goodwill.  Why would he need a reason to give some of his stated “$2 million in real estate”, especially through friend invites. He’s sure willing to sacrifice, but needs proof that someone cares just as much as he does?

What if no one fell for this? Would he give it up or keep the money? If everything is true, donate in the name of brother Mark. Fucking idiot, promote his message of “love before money” instead of “Facebookgroup before I give hypothetical money”.

I do care just as much as this person, or the next faker. I just don’t care to show or brag about how much money I have, nor would I publicly announce my donation intentions. I care enough to give the $2 million without any reason other than my own will. No group will persuade me not to, nor further “motivate” me.

As this post was written, there’s 38,098 members. Out of $2 million, he’ll only give $38,098? What an asshole. I’m sure he cares so much as to donate only 2%, out of a possible 100%. 38,098 members are smiling, as they’ve saved the world once again via LOLZ. 38,097 dumbasses.

This Jeff Epp should sell college kids ludicrous insurance plans or faulty loans.

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