Robert the Doll Revisited

My previous post was about the doll’s history and common tales. This post, however, is something else.

Browse through the photos, noting details about the doll.

Taken in 2000 (source)

November, 2004 (source)

August 18, 2005 (source)

January, 2006 (source)

July 2006 (source)

Taken in February 2008 (source)

Taken on April 19, 2008 (source)

(Property of Hope you don’t mind me using it, sir. Date unknown)

Throughout the years, the positioning of Robert, particularly his feet, has changed.

2000: Left foot is upright, propped by the right.

November 2004: Left foot tilted horizontally. Right foot upright, propping the other foot up.

August 2005: Left foot seems to be shifting upright. Position of little dog changed. And in the photo, his head is leaning up.

January 2006: Same as 2004 now.

July 2006: Is it the angle, or is Robert smiling for the photo?

February 2008: Same as 2004/06, but the head looks as if it has moved. Might be the fault of the picture.

April 2008: Same as usual.

Mr. jimmyboi2’s photo: This photo made me think about Robert’s different feet positionings.

Other observations: Robert has a letter in his hand, sometimes. If the letter is not there, the hand idles onto the chair or onto his lap. I’ve never been near the doll before, so maybe someone can clarify what the pile of letters is about. Sometimes there’s a lot of letters, other times there’s nothing.

It could be a photo illusion or the angle of these photos, but I’m sure that the doll’s feet positioning has changed. Maybe the staff cleaned the doll, or moved it along with those sealed envelopes. Maybe someone bumped the case, causing the feet to realign or shift around. Or maybe Robert is moving around at night…

This is just pure speculation based on some images from Flickr. I don’t claim anything to be paranormal, nor abnormal. For all I know, someone must’ve taken out the pile of letters, and moved Robert in the process. Nothing ghostly about that.


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