Is it really Bush’s War?

2011/12 Note: It’s finally over. 

I just finished the 4 hour Frontline special “Bush’s War” for my government class’ required fieldwork.

I remember that my father once told me that Bush was a puppet of sorts, and the bad guys were Rumsfeld and some other guy. I don’t recall him mentioning Cheney but this was a few years ago. I believed this, because the war discussions were always either skewed or too biased to consider. Being young, I couldn’t understand half the things said. I took what my father said, and avoid this issue if it was to come up. I do not argue with folks on this at all.

As I watched the Frontline program, I see how my father was, in most terms, correct. Rumsfeld and Cheney were the architects behind the war. Bush was the public figure, and in some cases, the guy who signed some important papers. He just followed along what his advisers said, and really was unsure whether to invade or not.

Bush wanted to win the battle. He wants to see Iraq a better place. You can’t blame a guy for wanting to do that. The army and the staff, really didn’t know what to do when they got into the war. They expected foreign aid, but got none. They expected local aid, and got none. Their only strategy was to exit, and that was all they had for awhile.

The program ends this issue around early 2008. I don’t keep up with the news for personal reasons. But I assume that as more troops go in and follow the “clear, hold, rebuild” plan, Bush’s presidency will end with a stalemate. It’s up to someone else new to do the work and finish up the war.

I do not see why Bush and his administration should be trialed for treason and war crimes. I read the headlines, and sometimes these comments appear. I’m happy to hear the reasons, but there’s no way in my mind should anything resort to this. I think it’s stupid. If it proves one thing, it proves that only idiots can conjure up such thoughts. But if someone could rationally explain, I’d reconsider my views.

Bush is the target of hate. He’s been dehumanized and humiliated, just because he’s an easy target. From what I learned from the program, Cheney and Rumsfeld are the true evil entities in the Bush Administration. Bush is just getting bad press because everyone loves to pick on his every move and word. Being the public figure for the government doesn’t help either.

I’ll bet that if you ask someone why they dislike Bush, their answer will be ridiculous. It has nothing relevant, or even remotely intelligent. This is why I avoid the Iraq War talks. People just take it and spin it into an anti-Bush rant, which really isn’t what I want to hear. Great, you hate Bush, now how about that war?

I’m trying to stay neutral. Discussing this issue is like talking to a bunch of apes. A lot of shouting, and in the end of the day, the question is left unanswered and everyone is moody. That’s probably why I never get involved in this issue.

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