Rollins is the man

My email sent.

Hello Mr. Rollins,

My name is ——.

I don’t believe it’s common for someone of my age (16) to know that a “Henry Rollins” even exists. That’s disheartening to me, because your message is not getting to the youth. But it’s not as if the youth would care for anything you’d have to say. No disrespect to your views, but most of my peers wouldn’t agree with anything you say. Whether it’s a lack of perspective or understanding or some reason, they won’t see the bigger picture. Or any picture in some cases. Just shows how ill-informed people still are, despite the vast availability of information. I’m part of this problem also.

I recall first seeing one of your TV show clips on Youtube. I enjoyed it, but the asinine comments left by ignorant viewers turned me away. Then I discovered your spoken word cds, and really enjoyed them. No more smartass commentary from the peanut gallery. You utilize common sense with a disregard for the widespread stupidity in the world to produce some very amusing audio (and video). That’s how I interpret it. There’s also some very strange stories from your life, which is something most people like me would never experience.

My generation needs more people like you. When I have the ability to travel, I hope to catch one of your live shows. It’d be a great experience. Looking forward to another spoken word CD/DVD release.

Best regards,


The reply, only about two days after.

——, thanks for the letter. I am glad you’re getting something out of what I am doing. I wish there was someone like me around that I knew of when i was 16! Hang in there. Henry

A true man who actually responds to emails.

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