Serious Consideration

Diabetes is something that is quite common among the world. My parents don’t seem to have it, so I thought it might’ve skipped a generation or two. But apparently, it could still linger in either one of them.

My father told me this week that his brother was diagnosed with diabetes. It came as a shock to me, because I think a few of his family members has diabetes also. Could it be a genetic trait? Could I be next to inherit this problem? Though it might just be their excessive drinking and eating, but I wouldn’t know.

It’s hard to say what will happen. My father never visits the doctor’s office, but it should be time for a checkup. Get a blood test, see if there’s anything funky in there. If he happens to have diabetes, there’s a likelihood that I might have it later in life. It’s something I believe I can prevent from getting worse, but if it’s the inevitable, it’s unpreventable.

I wish there were easier ways to measure the level of glucose in the body. I don’t like the idea of those little needles, because it seems like a perfect medium for disease transmission and inconvenient. Why aren’t they pushing out the infrared meters? I’d buy that for anyone in my family that has diabetes. Fast, easy, and anyone can use it safely and cleanly.

This little event has made me rethink my priorities. Grateful to still be in decent health.

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