Worthless a-g requirements

2011/12 Note: Same system in college.

As I browsed around the Internet today, stressing over the college application process, I stumbled upon the UC a-g course list.

All is good, because I fulfill the requirements. But apparently, the UCs are not fond of “technical” courses, and offers no credit. The two courses I am complaining about are Architectural Drafting and Wood Tech (Woodshop). Now, I sort of see how these courses aren’t contributing to academics, but to say these do not emphasize creativity is insulting. It insults the teachers who teach the courses (with professional degrees), and most of all, the students who produce a constant stream of quality work.

Such courses should emphasize creative expression, not rote memorization and/or technical skills

Visual and performing arts courses in design are expected to provide substantial time for students to understand, learn, and experience the elements of art and principles of design that underlie the medium/media addressed.

I drew on vellum for my first year of drafting class. Is that creative expression? Yes, because I drew my own two-story house. Was there a lot of technical skill? Yes, because anyone with half a brain would need to make sure that the house won’t crumble down. Do I memorize information? Yes, but it doesn’t distract from my creativity.

On my second year of drafting, we’re designing a rather big house in AutoCad. AutoCad is my art medium, and the mouse is my pencil. Do I need technical knowledge? Yes, because if we don’t, the plans will never be approved by the teacher or anyone else for that matter. In Woodshop, we just made a pushstick in a span of 3-4 weeks. Is that lacking creativity? For now, yes, but when we build projects, I cannot see how a person does not express creativity. We are not robots, we do not just feed wood in the machines.

There are other worthless classes approved. Dance class? I express more creativity conjuring up a house plan than people dancing to a set routine. But my drafting class doesn’t get credit, whilst the jumping dimpled bitches do. Theater tech? Pull the string to open the curtains. Yeah, real creative. What are they expressing, creative disregard for the actors?

Maybe I’m just not the right candidate for an UC school. In my English class, half of those applying can’t form a coherent essay or follow simple instructions. I think I am more qualified than them, so I will not apply to an UC. To avoid future run-ins and a statewide system that doesn’t offer one B.Arch program.

I’m starting to think that college is a big waste of time. It’s made for people that can’t do anything else other than to study. I need to go to get my degree, but once I’m out, I am not going back. I will not support higher education if these asinine policies continue. Breeding a bunch of students worse than white trash. No offense, white trash folk.


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