Realistic Expectations

2011/12 Note: Existential crisis adverted four years ago.

I’ve decided to only apply to CSU colleges. Why CSUs and no UCs? Because I think UCs suck, and they don’t have my major.

I expect these universities to be just as good as any other university. College isn’t a guarantee towards life. Some people blame their past for everything wrong in the present. That’s stupid. To live life, we have to accept our actions and move on. There’s always time to change, especially since most kids are so young.

I’m being realistic with my expectations. Hopefully, one of the CSUs with a design program will accept me. I have decided to pursue Interior Design or Arch. For the ID path, I’ll try my best to try and land in a good Arch. grad school later on. Berkeley? UCLA? University of Oregon? University of Washington? The choices are endless.

I’m going to apply next week, when I receive my transcript. My grades will be what they are, and as I think, I don’t regret a single damn thing. Nothing to regret if I am content with my high school journey. Met a lot of people, met a lot of cool teachers, and had a hell of a time. And it’ll all be over in 8 months.

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