Copying Homework

“Hey dude, can I copy your worksheets?”

I don’t usually refuse my homework to someone else. It’s not because I support cheating or “plagiarism” as some call it, but it’s just a common thing for students to do. Granted that they’re only small assignments worth only 5 or 10 points.

I suspect that one of my teachers might’ve caught someone copying my study guide today. Not that he’ll say anything, but he’s a smart man and should be able to catch on. It’s only a 10 point assignment, and practically everyone else copied it also. What would suck is if the teacher caught me in the act, whilst I wasn’t even part of it.

I first helped someone else do a few problems. Another peer came along, and took it. Then another one copied the whole thing. I’m fine with this practice, as it’s not my eventual grade dependent on the knowledge of the text. I did the work, and if they don’t do it, it’s their loss. I’m also fine with this practice, as long as I don’t get caught. It happened once before, and I was dumbfound. No words came out of my mouth.

I try to maintain my integrity, and try to show that I have integrity. A situation like this sets a bad vibe for my character. I’m not one to cheat, and if I forgot something, I’d rather take late credit than copy someone else’s papers. “Doing by honor” is my personal motto. That doesn’t apply to a lot of other people. And when they copy my homework, my thin strand of character is always on the line.

Copying homework, to me, isn’t a big deal. As I said, it only harms the person copying everyday. Let’s not overreact and call everyone a cheater. Everyone has cheated once in their lives. If anyone refuses, they just have horrible memory. It’s a sin we all have committed, and do commit occasionally.

I’m going to be honest if the teacher confronts me. I do not think I’ll be in deep trouble for such a minuscule assignment. if he doesn’t trust me in the future, well, that’s my fault. But copying is a common practice, and if he busts me on it, I’m going to state that it is a very common practice. Not mentioning names of course.


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