1. If someone talks too loud and I overhear it, it’s not eavesdropping.
  2. If someone asks if I eavesdrop, I refuse it. They talk too loud and should be aware that people around are not deaf.

I don’t care if someone hears my conversations or butts in. I’m all for a third-party opinion once in a while because everyone wants to help another person. Not that it’s always helpful to hear some outside commentary, but I enjoy the comments or suggestions. If I want a private conversation, I’ll keep my voice low or use another form of communication.

Too many pissy people think their conversations are worth a damn. If they’re so great, go write a fucking book.

I couldn’t care more to listen to stupid “private” conversations, but I do care to help someone out that clearly has no fucking clue on anything. Do I want to further promote ignorance? No, but for some, I’ll let my belief slide.


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