Kids These Days

A person asked to identify an item, but did not post a working link to the image. I said “Link doesn’t work” and didn’t bother to check back. Well, this kid complains and came back with “**** you, bad answer” I was about to rip this kid a new one, but unfortunately, he blocked messaging of any kind. Another one had an entitlement problem. Couldn’t for the life of him use punctuation nor capital letters. I regret even bothering with scum like him.

I’m not the most polite person but I do know manners. I appreciate people’s assistance, even when they aren’t helpful. Whatever happened to thank you? Please is virtually nonexistent. It’s all “I want it now, b****”

Kids these days just want instant gratification, their self-centered desires fulfilled, and couldn’t care less whom they trample over to achieve such a status. If their parents were actually around, they might do something.


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