This was supposed to be a post on how superficial some motherfuckers are, but it turned into self-reflection.

I dress the way I do to impress myself, because I grew up lightly husky and always wanted to fit in clothes that normal people could.

I befriend everyone that would like to befriend me, though I do ignore people I find asinine or idiotic. Is that superficial? I don’t think so, unless stupidity has now evolved into a sticker.

I don’t judge people based on how they look. Wait. I mean I don’t tell people how they look. Of course I judge them, but most of the time, I end up regretting having done so and scold myself mentally.

The first things I notice about a person is usually their clothes, hair, etc. Sometimes, I might miss the detail, but I’m a observant person by nature.

I don’t discuss anything I own, unless I am coerced to do so just to get people off my back. Materialistic possessions are meaningless.

I laugh off compliments. I hate compliments on how I look, how I work hard, or how I behave. Save those for someone else’s day; it’s all wasted on me.

I couldn’t give a crap what others think of me. I make my own decisions, and if those decisions shun me from everyone else, then so be it.

I’m self-conscious, because I have to make it up the areas where I lack. Specifically my voice. So I do things that others don’t do to compensate.

I’m fucking angry all the time. And I won’t hide that in private. But in public, I prefer to be reserved.


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