I’m sick of people doing the bare minimum.

We by law should be striving to be someone or something better. Not for any personal fulfillment or achievement, but rather a natural intellectual progression with changing times. So I usually give people the benefit of the doubt. Some people are not the imbeciles I took them to be in the first place. But most people turn out to be what I predicted them to be: dumb and mediocre. Two traits that only an unintelligent culture will accept as positive traits.

I live in a culture that praises mediocrity. Why? Because the culture itself filled with lazy, pathetic bastards that demotes success. Only a matter of time before the inevitable occurred. Mediocrity is a vicious disease. It spreads as easily as it is bred from one twit to another.The traditional values of dedication and hard work are thrown out the window. Fuck those traits. They take too much work to maintain.

It elevates my blood pressure to live in such a world. Maybe it’s just suburban life, where everyone is told that they’re great at everything. Maybe it’s Southern California culture, where everyone is a fucking simpleton. Or maybe it’s against some social code for someone like me to actually want to progress mentally. Whatever is the cause, I’m sick of it and I hope to escape this in 3 months. Temporarily that is.

Don’t people have self-respect anymore?


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