Some people are unreasonably cheap to a point where it’s ridiculous.

They have no problems paying $2000 for their child’s SAT prep class, but cringe at the thought of a $5 donation to a school activity or event.

They have no problems spending money on entertainment and fun, but when it comes to a minuscule donation, they make such a raucous about it.

They have no problems taking and using things that are provided by others, but yet when asked to return the favor, they consciously object.

They drive around in a car, but still insist that they are “poor”.

They have all the fancy electronics and clothing, and even then, they still insist that they are “poor” and “struggling to get by”.

They attend anything with free food and eat like “poor people”. The poor should be offended, because they are not savages. Being poor does not mean a lack of manners or utensils.

And the biggest thing is that being poor in America is pretty decent compared to the rest of the world. Yet we still see people complain that they can’t own a 60″ LCD television because their welfare check isn’t big enough to live lavishly. They can’t work to buy a better television because they lack any skill to contribute to society on a positive scale.


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