Financial Aid

I never expected to qualify for any CalGrant, but boy do I. Today in the mail, I received a letter from the California Student Aid Commission. I thought it’d be a rejection letter to financial aid, but behold, it was a letter on how much I’d get from the state. $3300, which just about covers tuition.

The college I applied to wants financial verification. A few thousand, even $3000, from the school means almost half the tuition cost and half the pressure to leave school debt-free. This couldn’t have been a better way to go to college: worry-free and not coming out dirt poor. Though in these economic times, I’d still be ahead.

Let me mention one thing. My parents pay their taxes, just like everyone else. We wouldn’t object to helping people in need. But personally, I have a problem when some abuse our system. I believe that if someone does not pay their fair share, they should not receive benefits. Pay $1000 or $100 or even $10, I don’t really care. But don’t take this money for granted, because if you don’t pay like everyone else, you’re lucky to get a few dollars.

My other opinion is that if someone does take the money, they better fucking succeed and not drop out of school. Don’t spend taxpayer’s money to party, fail, and come back later to mooch off the system. My parents and other fellow taxpayers deserve more for what their hard-earned money is used for. This country deserves better, because with so much wealth, our intelligence does not correlate to our potential.

There’s no such thing as free money. I am grateful to receive $3300, and hopefully a little more to cover some loose ends. I promise to not disappoint everyone that contributed a few cents and dollars towards my college fund.


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