Cruel and Unusual Punishment

This is one of my vulgar and morally disgusting posts. Avoid if you don’t want to read it.

Be forewarned.

If I was President or had the power to change and make laws, I’d alter the 8th Amendment. I am changing it for the good of the nation because our justice system is too lenient and uncreative. Lock me up for 20 years and I will just get out and feel somewhat disoriented. Lock them up for 5 or 10 years under unusual and/or cruel punishment and see the difference. As of now, I only have two ideas.

One is death by masturbation.

This will mainly apply to pedophiles and people who crave sexual actions. I will make certain that for a set number of years, they do enjoy prison by getting off every minute of the day. If they stop, the guards will beat the shit out of them. No leniency, more ejaculations. I’ll make it easier by surrounding them with objects of desire, such as women, men, children, or inanimate objects. But they can only watch and not touch anything except their own genitals. I predict that if this sort of punishment were to be enacted, sexual crimes would go down. I’m not down for mutilation or excessive jail-time but I am down to produce torture by pleasure. The next time a child molester wants to touch a kid, I will make sure his dick is squirting out dust. Cruel, disturbing, and quite possibly effective.

The second is death by silence.

This one will require a sentence of 15 to 20 years. There’s no specific group of criminals targeted here. Everyone can be sent to “The Hole”, which is really a sound-proof box. I require and mandate that no artificial sounds can be created inside or outside the room. The only thing one can hear is their heart beating, their bones cracking, and their minds wandering around aimlessly.

Try to sit in your room all day in pure silence. No pens to write with, no books to read, no entertainment or media of any sort. It becomes unbearable after a few minutes. Think back to my idea: four blank, sound-isolating walls and you seated in the center. Or corner because I do allow free movement. 15 or 20 years, at the judges’ discretion.

In society, we need punishment that will not make anyone want to commit crimes again. I am for cruel and unusual punishment because I have no mercy for some people. If I were president and someone suggested that I was in violation of “human rights”, I’d exile them to an isolated island with no source of food. Fuck you. Pedophiles and rapists deserve my first punishment. Everyone else can test out my second treatment and see how many inmates will come out sane and wanting to kill again in the end.


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